3 Years of Scale Your Small Business!

Welcome back to the Scale Your Small Business Podcast with Jillian Flodstrom as we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the show! Thank you for being part of the past two years, and helping foster the community we’re building together. We’re excited to move into the 3rd year of the podcast and make some exciting changes.

The foremost goal of the show is to add value every time you tune in. Our first change to the show will be frequency. We’re all busy people, and sometimes two episodes a week can be a lot. So, we’re going to transition into one episode per week, every Thursday.

There will still be a combination of guests and solo episodes, so you’ll be sure to get the same great tips and knowledge from every show.

We’re going to shift the show’s focus to what’s most relevant to you as a small business owner. We’ll hone in on marketing, sales, fulfillment, customer service, HR, operations, the all-important IT, administration, and finance. These topics were chosen to help drive growth for you and your business.

Next, we’re excited to welcome more guests both locally, nationally, and internationally to the show. Jillian will sit down with the best thought-leaders in each of our topics and help get an inside view into how they approach business growth.

Don’t forget to leave a review of the show. Your feedback is incredibly valuable and helps drive the direction of our episodes! Be sure to share with anyone you think would get value from the podcast and help continue to build our wonderful community.

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Jillian Flodstrom

👩🏼‍💼Founder @fndinsurance 🎙️Host of Scale Your Small Business Podcast 💥I help individuals/small business owners protect their most important assets