From Rehab to Success: Empowering Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Healthcare Professionals

Jillian Flodstrom
1 min readMay 29, 2023

Driven by a personal experience during his college years, where he discovered the gap between athletic care and mainstream healthcare, Dr. Funk shares his remarkable journey of building a successful business in the physical therapy industry.

Drawing upon his entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Funk delves into the challenges he faced while expanding his company, which now boasts an impressive network of eight locations. He underscores the importance of aligning and structuring the corporate staff to ensure optimal efficiency and support for each location. With a focus on transparent communication, Dr. Funk believes in addressing issues promptly and conducting internal research to make informed decisions that benefit both the team and clients alike. Additionally, he highlights the significance of effective marketing strategies to attract talented individuals who share the company’s values and vision.

Dr. Funk candidly shares his own business failures and the invaluable lessons learned from them. He recounts instances where insufficient due diligence resulted in financial setbacks and challenges with insurance contracting and credentialing. These experiences have driven him to prioritize thorough research, seek multiple opinions, and embrace past mistakes as powerful learning opportunities.

Dr. Funk further emphasizes the significance of open discussions about failures within the business community. They underscore the value of transparency and the transformative lessons gained from personal experiences. Dr. Funk highlights the importance of embracing failures as catalysts for growth and improvement in the journey of entrepreneurship.

Where to find Dr. Josh Funk:

Instgram: @drjoshfunk

TikTok: @drjoshfunk




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