Building a Team Around You and For You with Danikah Rose

Jillian Flodstrom
3 min readAug 9, 2022

On the show today, we have an intuitive, empowering, and creative women’s business strategist, Danikah Rose. She works on mindset and rewiring limiting beliefs and has a huge passion for authentic marketing and staying true to core values in the public eye. She teaches courses on attitude, gratitude, self-awareness, self-care, and goal setting, along with authentic marketing. She wants all women to know that everything they desire is readily available when they’re operating in their truth and their inner wisdom.

The best way people can boost their confidence right away, Danikah shares, starts with practice. It’s not something that’s automatic–it takes intentional cultivation from a place of truth to build it. Things like affirmations are crucial to changing the way you think about yourself. You can become your own hype-man. If that isn’t your game, find a coach that can help you. You can build a hype-squad around you to keep that momentum going.

When you’re building that squad around you or looking for a coach to work with, you want them to look like what you want your future self to be–someone you can admire. They’ve got to match your vibe. Be with someone who is already looking to work with you. Really read into it and take your time, it’s worth being intentional. There’s no rush in making decisions–talk to at least five people and find someone who is going to pour as much into your business as you do.

Comparing ourselves to others can hinder personal and professional progress. A key to breaking that habit (or any habit) is to replace it with something else. It’s not about resistance, because that causes discomfort and isn’t sustainable. Instead of pushing outside your comfort-zone, move your comfort-zone forward with you.

Having the right mindset is the foundation of a successful business. You can stay making decisions based on what’s not going right, or you can make a choice to move forward and think ahead to how you can overcome your challenges. It’s not about anyone else. Business is very individual. It’s about you and what you’re trying to cultivate.

If you know you need to make a change, Danikah recommends starting with getting support. Don’t feel ashamed or worried because you haven’t hit certain milestones yet. You’re learning and may not yet have the tools you need. From there, it’s about asking the right questions. What can I do about it? What is the solution? What can I talk about that will serve my customer? The trick with finding support is to flip those questions around. What challenges do you face? What’s the solution? It’s about implementing people who know more than you. Not everyone knows everything–everyone has their own zone of expertise. But it’s important to have the support around what you’re creating.

Don’t be afraid to go back to basics. Backspace as much as you need to and reinvent what you do. Accept that something isn’t going to be working the same way they were when you first started. People will believe in you, but you have to put in the work to get there.

Danikah’s last piece of advice is to tune in because there is a lot of noise that can distract you from being your authentic self.



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