Planning Ahead for Success

There will always be times when life comes first–and it should! Holidays, new members joining your family, vacations, or maybe just a moment to step away from your business shouldn’t add more stress to your professional life. So, how can we best plan ahead to make sure everything runs smoothly in our absence? Let’s dive in.

Firstly, it’s important to keep your team in the loop. Everyone needs to be on the same page, whether it’s an extended period of time off, the plan of action while you’re gone, or even if there comes a busy time of year, the people you work with should be in the know. Create a business that’s easy to work for. Have plans and avoid urgency.

Plan things out by month. Get out a calendar for the year and consider what needs to be done in that period of time. Almost everything can be scheduled ahead of time, so get it on your calendar early so it can be blocked out. Having a visual reference will help stay on track. Have a physical and digital version for everyone to access.

Ramp up your automation. Utilize things like Calendly to automate your scheduling. In addition, double-check your current automation before you go to ensure everything is operating when you leave. Be sure to give yourself and your team enough lead time to work this automation into their day-to-day so you aren’t introducing a new process while you’re gone.

Finally, make sure your clients are aware of your absence. Give them enough space to contact you and be available to them so nothing festers while you’re away.



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Jillian Flodstrom

Jillian Flodstrom

I help small business owners mitigate the feelings of overwhelm, chaos, and confusion when it comes to leading and growing their business.