Consistency in Marketing: Why It’s Most Important

Jillian Flodstrom
2 min readSep 21, 2022


Recently on the Scale Your Small Business we talked about all things real estate with real estate agent, Joannine Kramarsic. She is dedicated to helping her clients find the home of their dreams.

Joannine shared that when it comes to real estate, the most challenging part of her work is the ebbs and flows based on what’s happening in the market. The seasonality aspect of it is challenging and sometimes it’s feast or famine. You have to manage your time well, or you’ll miss out on business when it slows down.

There are many different platforms, places to market yourself, and ways to connect with your clients. It can get overwhelming. The most important thing is consistent communication. It doesn’t matter what you choose because if you like the platform you use, you’re going to market yourself using that platform.

The best advice is to consistently do something and communicate to your clients, your network, and potential clients on a regular basis. You’re going to stay in the forefront of people’s minds because not everybody’s looking to buy or sell right now, but you want to be the person they think of when they are ready. Consistency is the most important part. Reaching out here and there is not going to stick.

Consistency requires a plan. Even when it doesn’t seem like the most important thing right now, it’s easy to think you have business right now and don’t really need to do that, but then a few months down the line your pipeline is dry and you needed to do the marketing three months ago, but you didn’t. A calendar keeps you on track and accountable. Have a system and stick to it.

Keep it simple and be consistent by using your calendar and having some foundational pieces in place.

How much marketing is enough marketing? You’re never going to be in a place where you need to do less. It needs to become more of a mindset, not just a task. It needs to be a natural part of how you think about growing your business.

Creating a budget for marketing requires you to know where you get the greatest impact for your money, and your greatest ROI. Take those dollars and focus on your target market.

Small business owners can get overwhelmed from time to time. Make sure you hang onto your vision and remember why you’re doing what you do is critical. The role of being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It can kick you while you’re down, drag you face first through the gravel, but there could also be some amazing, amazing, rewarding things that happen too.




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