The Mentality of Getting Things Done with Steve Sims

This week’s guest is known as “the man who can” and he lives up to it. Steve Sims is the best-selling author of “Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen”, a sought-after coaching speaker, and has worked with the likes of Sir Elton John and Elon Musk, to name a few. He’s breaking down his mentality and how he gets it done.

Steve rolls with some of the most important people out there. Starting with just 93 clients, more than two-thirds were and are billionaires. Because of his massively connected network, he was featured in Forbes and became known as the guy who can get things done when no isn’t an answer and money isn’t a problem.

As entrepreneurs, Steve says, we have a tendency to become our own biggest critics. But even though we are resilient, sometimes outside influences can get to us. When that happens, sometimes it makes sense to ignore it and move on, but for Steve, he addresses those problems directly and with intention. The message that you are putting out there is irrelevant. It’s how it’s being received that is the truth. You may think what you are saying is positive and uplifting, may be alienating to somebody else.

There have been many times in our life where we, as entrepreneurs, have paid that bill late. We’ve trusted someone that screwed us over, we’ve listened to someone that never had the authority or education or credibility to have our attention, and then it’s led us down the wrong path. In those moments, we are creating our ability to rise above it and learn lessons of empowerment. How empowered do you become when you actually get out of that dumpster? How much stronger are you when you get over those dark times? Why would you remove that education from someone? Why would you remove that empowerment? That’s your kryptonite, that’s your shield, that’s your cape. Wear it with honor.

There is a distinct difference between entrepreneurs and want-treprenuers. If you haven’t been ripped off, lied to, spat on, laughed at, gone broke, got sued, then you are not an entrepreneur. Be not the person that wants all the limelight without doing the hard work. That’s the want-trepreneur’s badge of honor. When COVID hit, want-treprenuers looked for the best show to binge on. Entrepreneurs got better at what they do.

Steve’s superpower is ignorance — which isn’t as harsh as it may seem. It’s because while others are planning it and forecasting it and getting out the trigonometry charts to see how this can possibly be done, Steve is out there trying it.

Steve’s book “Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen” is built around a core philosophy — be impossible to misunderstand. Identify a problem, and focus on creating a message and a solution that’s impossible to misunderstand. Make sure when you amplify your message it is so clear that it’s impossible to manipulate. Because when someone has a problem, no one cares about the logo — they want something that will find them their solution the fastest.



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Jillian Flodstrom

Jillian Flodstrom

I help small business owners mitigate the feelings of overwhelm, chaos, and confusion when it comes to leading and growing their business.