Tips for Efficient Business Operations With Corey Ahern

Jillian Flodstrom
2 min readFeb 21, 2023

As a business owner, managing daily tasks while keeping the company’s goals aligned can be quite challenging. This is especially true in the construction industry where keeping up with the demands of clients and ensuring the quality of work can be a daunting task. Corey Ahern, the founder of Connect Rebuild, a construction services company, understands this challenge all too well.

In a recent discussionnwith Jillian Flodstrom on the Scale Your Small Business podcast, Corey highlighted the importance of regularly meeting with department heads to review the day’s fires, potential tomorrow’s fires, and debriefing yesterday’s solutions. This helps to ensure that daily tasks are aligned with business goals, and that any issues are dealt with swiftly. To streamline their operations, Connect Rebuild uses Trello and QuickBooks to manage client communications, with in-house target-specific apps being developed to address specific efficiency issues.

As Connect Rebuild grows, the company places a greater emphasis on the need to develop tight-knit meetings and the importance of technology in optimizing meeting time. They understand that every new hire brings a need for greater efficiency, and their meetings are organized accordingly.

Corey and his team stress the importance of breaking down long-term goals into daily and weekly action plans, monitoring progress on a weekly basis, and regularly reviewing the day’s fires to ensure that small problems don’t turn into significant issues. This approach has helped them to stay on track and ensure that all tasks are aligned with business goals.

Connect Rebuild’s communication-centric approach and their process can be learned more about by visiting their website, Their social networks also provide valuable insights for small business owners, particularly those in the construction industry, on managing daily tasks, aligning them with business goals, and optimizing meeting time through technology.

In conclusion, managing daily tasks while keeping them aligned with business goals is a critical aspect of any successful business operation. The construction industry is no exception, and Connect Rebuild has shown that by regular meetings, the use of technology, and a communication-centric approach, it is possible to keep up with the demands of clients while ensuring high-quality work.

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